HARD-CORE II Products & Prices Vary based on USA exchange rate and availablity
Rigid Chopper for the Hard-Core Rider
High-style with high bars, high tank and high class. No other rigid frame bike kit approaches the Hard-Core II for style or quality of components!
From the Chica handlebars and Santee® single downtube frame, to the extended front end and spoked wheels, there's nothing like it.
Of course it's powered by a RevTech® 100-inch engine with a RevTech® six-speed transmission. All of this is topped off with a genunine Jesse James 'Villain' gastank and a Jesse James custom rear fender.
And just so they can hear you coming, we've added Santee's "Y-Bent" pipes.
Other features: Chrome billet side-mount taillight, Spoked 200 x 18 inch rear wheel, Chrome brake calipers, Chrome side-fill winged oil tank, BDL 3 inch belt primary drive, Chrome 4 inch halogen headlight, Custom wiring harness, Santee® single down tube rigid frame made from 1 3/8" tubing with a 6 inch down tube stretch and 4 inch backbone stretch, Custom 10 inch over 41mm fork with 7 degree raked billet triple trees and chrome lower legs.
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